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Drawing of woman mending pants. Headline reads "Use it up - wear it out - make it do!"
Stretching the life of clothing and equipment became a routine part of home front life during the war. (Image courtesy Northwestern University Library) Enlarge image
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Gary Halvorson, Senior Archivist, Oregon State Archives.

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Chris Allen, Military Historian
Warren Aney, Military Historian
Tim Backer, Reference Archivist, Oregon State Archives
Brian Brown, Archivist, Oregon State Archives
Lee Gentemann, Archives Researcher
John Hanske, Amateur Historian
Dave Hegeman, Librarian, Oregon State Library
Mary Beth Herkert, Director, Oregon State Archives
Michael Matthews, Records Manager, Oregon State Archives
Andrea Morgan, Education Specialist, Oregon Education Department
Layne Sawyer, Archives Manager, Oregon State Archives
Robin Steckley, Oregon Veterans Affairs Department
Alan Takayama, Military Historian
Linda Tamura, Professor, Willamette University
Julie Yamaka, Publications Manager, Oregon State Archives
Wes Yamaka, Japanese American WWII Internee
Daraleen Wade, Archives Volunteer/Researcher
Pat Wahl, Archives Volunteer/Researcher


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