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Defense Council Records

Drawing shows four American soldiers with guns in the trench.
A drawing shows vigilant American soldiers in the trenches. (OSA, Historical Annual National Guard State of Oregon, 1939)
Most defense council records at the Oregon State Archives document civil defense activities after the council was recreated during World War II. However, the following records specifically document the World War I experience: 

Personal Military Service History Index (in Reference Room), 1918-1922. 

Personal Military Service History Records, 1918-1922, 7 cu.ft.

Publications and Ephemera (World War I), 1917-1920, .50 cu.ft.

State Historian's Correspondence, 1918-1922, 1 cu.ft. 

World War I Personnel Photographs (includes other war photographs), ca. 1915-1919 .50 cu.ft.

Research Options

The Web Tour of the Oregon State Archives provides detail about research options, services and other information about using records at the Archives. The tour also describes costs associated with ordering individual documents or case files. 

In general, more in-depth researchers have three options:

  • The most comprehensive, timely, and cost-effective research is still conducted by planning a visit to the Archives Building in Salem. This makes all of the Archives resources available on a nearly immediate basis. 
  • If you are unable to travel to the Archives Building, limited research and copy services by our staff are available
  • Several private, fee-based researchers are willing to work to specifications. The Archives is not affiliated with these researchers and does not take responsibility for any agreements made. Contact the reference room for more information.

Ordering Images

  • Images in the exhibit with a citation beginning with "OSA" is available for purchase from the Oregon State Archives. Images are offered unedited, as scanned 300 dpi TIFF format. Some of the images were scanned from original publications with less than ideal photographic or graphic characteristics. Contact us for information about obtaining copies as photographic negatives or prints.
  • Any image lacking a citation beginning with "OSA" is not available for copy from the Oregon State Archives. Contact the source cited or general sources for copies.

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