Black and white image of winding road along oregon coast. Reads "Oregon Coast Cranberries"
Oregon Coast Cranberries - #4013, Kaye J. Howard, Hauser, Oregon, 1936
Pears, apples, and peaches came to the Oregon Country in 1847, with cuttings brought overland by Henderson Luelling and seeds by Joseph Geer. Luelling started a nursery at Milwaukie and in the early 1850s started selling the fruit in Portland. His first box of fruit brought a profit of $75, and single apples brought as much as $5. In the 1870s, Fendel Sutherlin planted the first large pear orchard in southern Oregon and in 1885 J. H. Stewart began large-scale commercial pear growing in the Rogue River Valley.

Asa Lovejoy pioneered commercial fruit, berry and vegetable canning in the 1870s, north of Oregon City. Many trademarks for Northwest produce are filed with the Secretary of State.