Woman Suffrage Trading Cards

​​​​​Print, Trim and Share​ Woman Suffrage Trading Cards!

Woman Suffrage Trading Cards
These trading cards introduce 25 people who were vital in the struggle to achieve woman suffrage in Oregon and the United States.
Open PDF
​​​ ​​​​​​​1) Open PDF and print on heavy paper (card stock if you have it)

2) Trim the cards along the included trim lines

3) Share and trade cards​​​

About the Cards

It can be hard to imagine that ​just over 100 years ago women weren’t allowed to vote in the United States. The fight for this r​ight took many years of dedication and sacrifice from different people who make u​p the mixed fabric of our country. This deck of cards introduces 25 historical figures who were vital in the ​struggle. These profiles are part of the Oregon State Archives exhibit On Her Own Wings: Oregon Women and the Struggle for Suffrage. The exhibit tells the story of the struggle for suffrage in Oregon and across the United States. It looks at the circumstances in which people and organizations operated and the strategies they used. This exhibit also looks at the social movements that shaped activists’ views and arguments for and against suffrage.​