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Drawing of woman with short, dark hair, in an elegant long dress holding a sign reading: Votes for Women. A sun sets in distance
Suffragists shared posters, pamphlets and other literature across state campaigns. Oregon women used this Art Nouveau style poster by Bertha Boyé, which was designed for the California election of 1911. (Public Domain Image)

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African American Women in the Struggle for the Vote, 1850-1920. Rosalyn Terborg-Penn

Asian Americans for Equality (video)

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Library of Congress

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Oregon Encyclopedia

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Oregon State Library

Oregon Women's History Consortium

PBS: Oregon Experience episode, The Suffragists​ (29:30)

University of Oregon Library

Selected Oregon State Archives Resources

Oregon Laws Volumes

Oregon Public Welfare Commission Records

Klamath County Museum, Klamath County Voter Register Indexes

Umatilla County, Election Registers, 1910-1914​​

Oregon Blue Book Woman Suffrage Slide Show

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Cartoon of 3 suffragettes confronting revolutionary general with Votes for Women sign. Caption behind the general says: Did I save my Country for this!
Suffrage activists evoked the spirit of 1776 in support of their cause to win freedom from what they considered to be electoral tyranny. But this ca.​ 1915 postcard shows that anti-suffragists also used revolutionary imagery and ideas to challenge women’s rights. (Courtesy of Library of Congress)​
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