Duniway's Contributions to the Local Community

From the day he arrived in Salem in 1946, David Duniway gave time and energy to the local historical community. His retirement as State Archivist in 1972 only served to increase his focus on other projects that became cornerstones of the historical community. Duniway helped to organized and became the first director of the Mission Mill Museum Association. He retired as director in 1976 to spend more time writing books about Salem history. Duniway was a founder of the Marion County Historical Society and the Salem City Club and served as a member of Salem's sesquicentennial committee. His connection to Oregon history was strengthened by the fact that he was the grandson of famous pioneer and equal rights champion, Abigail Scott Duniway.
Drawing of Deepwood Estate
Deepwood Estate

Duniway was instrumental in several local historic preservation projects such as the Bush House in the 1950s and Deepwood Estate in the early 1970s.
Drawing of Bush House
Bush House

Publications By Duniway

Looking through a spiral gate at a winding path leading to a victorian house.
Cover of book: The Building of Deepwood. Caption reads, "To its many visitors Deepwood with its gardens is a dream house in a fairyland setting. Situated on Mission Street near 12th Street, South East, in Salem, Oregon, its four and more acres are part of the city parks and the scene of weddings and other public events."
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