Outline of the state of Oregon with a marker denoting the location of town of Granite.
Granite was once a prosperous gold mining town. However, in 1942 the government shut down gold and other non-essential mines to focus the nation's efforts on World War II. The town's economy collapsed and never recovered while its population fell to one person in the 1960s. In 1990, eight residents called Granite home. In recent years, more retired people moved there and the population rose to 40 in 2018.

Men gathered around a general store in the late 1800s. 3 men sit on a wagon drawn by horses. 9 others stand on the porch.

People stand in front of the Niven & Ditmars General Merchandise store in Granite in the late 1800s. (Courtesy of Baker County Library District) Enlarge Image

A wooden 1 room building with a bell tower over the front door. Blue sky and green evergreen trees with green grass surround it.

Allen Hall in Granite has been the city hall and was signed as a museum in 2019. (Oregon State Archives, 2012) Enlarge Image

Wood plank building with false facade. Sheet metal roof covers the front wood walkway. Surrounded by gravel, dirt & dead grasses

The old general store building in Granite. (Oregon State Archives, 2012) Enlarge Image

4 wood grave markers in a cemetery. All markers are for the Ford Family.  Laurence Ford was the postmaster and died in 1931

The cemetery in Granite includes wooden grave markers. (Oregon State Archives, 2019) Enlarge Image

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