Resolution to Expel Catholic Missionaries 1849

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Resolved That the Council concuring herein that there be appointed a committee of three from each house to enquire into the expedency of memorializing Congress to move all Friars monks Catholic priest in the capacity of Missionaries now residing among the Indians and all other Missiona-ries now residing among Indians in this Territory East of the Cascade Mountains

(?) Hill Sept 20-


Roman Catholic missionaries were more successful with Indians in Oregon than Protestant missionaries were. Some Americans suspected that priests were trying to incite the Indians to attack them. The Whitman massacre in 1847 increased this suspicion of Catholic missionaries. This resolution expresses the dislike of Catholics--priests, friars, and monks--which was prevalent.

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For Further Discussion

  1. What does the Council want to happen?
  2. Why would Oregonians view Catholic missionaries to the Indians as a problem?
  3. What nationality would Catholic missionaries in Oregon likely be?
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