Description of Land Claim 1849

Transcript of Original Document

Description of a claim by David E Pease Nov 22nd 1849 lying on Lewis and Clark river about six miles from the mouth commensing at the northwest corner on a large spruse tree three feet or more through there is another tree colse to the spruse with the name of David E Pease cut in the bark and the above date all in eligable letters the line running from the above spruse tree east 1 mile then south 1 mile then west 1 mike to the bank of the river following all of the meanderings of the same to the place of starting the above described claim is the firest one below the one on which Harrell and Judson are now building a sawmill on the east side of the river.

The above is Recorded on page 31 of 
Record Book A Clatsop County Record Office 
18th Now 1850 (?) Mc Ewen 


The flood of settlers into Oregon during the 1840s made it necessary to file land claims so that newcomers would not claim land already settled. This claim by David Pease was filed in 1849. His land is demarcated by the Lewis and Clark River and by a large spruce tree. Pease's claim is one mile on a side.

For Further Discussion

  1. How did David Pease describe the boundaries of his land claim?
  2. Approximately how much land did David Pease claim?
  3. How do you think David Pease used the land he claimed?
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