Account Book, 1840

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Amt brot Forward 60 14 4 April 3 1 pr Shoes 4th Hyson Tea
12 nds fine Stripd Cotton
12 " 9/8 Bleached
1 pr Womans Shoes
6 Tin Milk Turreens
2 Dressing Combs
1 Tin Kettle
1 doz Gilt Coat buttons
6 skeins blk Silk Thread
1/4 Blk
1 plain Blanket
42 lbs Loaf Sugar
2 Quires ruled foolscap psper
8 yds purple merino
1 Cott: Shawl
1 mill Saw 6 ft
6 flat bastd files 14 in
By Etienne Luciens note 21 March "40 for L15. as beaver Price 15 Paid your note 1 April '40 in favor Ed: Burroughs for $5. at beaver price

May 4 pr Henry Wood
1 pr Sfine Cassimere Trousers
6 Scalping Knives
6 Indian Awls
1 Sfine blue Cloth Jacket
10 lb Gunpowder
6 Cakes Windsor Soap
2 Band Silk Hdkfs
Forwarded L 18 2 3 15 " "


This page from Ewing Young's account at Fort Vancouver, from April and May, 1840, provides a close-up of the kind of goods which were available in Oregon at that date. In addition to such items as scalping knives and gunpowder, Young brought gilt buttons, purple merino cloth, cashmere trousers, and silk handkerchiefs. Note also that payment is expressed in beaver prices.

Words and Terms

loaf sugar
beaver prices

For Further Discussion

  1. What does this list of goods tell you about the style in which Ewing Young lived?
  2. What do you think it means when the account says 'Paid your note 1 April '40 in favor Ed. Burroughs for $5 at beaver price.'?
  3. What items would you expect to find on this list that do not appear?
  4. Where do you think the goods on this list were made?

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