Oregon Constitution Quiz: After the Convention Section

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Hint: Check out the After the Convention section for clues.

  1. Who helped ratify the Oregon Constitution in the U.S. House?
  2. Who was the running mate in 1860 for presidential candidate John C. Breckenridge?
  3. Which group fought against monopolies and public corruption?
  4. What was the name of Abigail Scott Duniway's weekly newspaper?
  5. Who was able to connect Oregon by railroad to the East in 1883?
  6. Which was NOT a major factor in the Oregon economy of the late 1800s?
  7. Who could be considered the "father" of direct legislation in Oregon?
  8. When did voters approve women's suffrage in Oregon?
  9. Which state has held the most constitutional conventions?
  10. Which event led to the most constitutional conventions?
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