Biographical Sketch of John S. White

Signature of John S. White         

John S. White 

Born 1828 
Died 1886
Washington County delegate

John Spencer White was born in Gibson County, Tennessee on Nov. 5, 1828. He came to Oregon in 1845. He filed for a donation land claim of 630 acres in Washington County with his wife Elizabeth.

He represented Washington County as a “free state” delegate at the constitutional convention. White served on the committee on Suffrage and Elections. During the debates on providing for a system of common schools, White voiced opposition to a proposal to insert the word “white” before children. As he stated there were many “half-breed children in his county” and as their parents paid taxes they should be allowed to benefit from the common school system. During the controversy over whom to seat as Coos County delegate, he supported F. G. Lockhart’s claim. He also voted against the final adoption of the constitution.

White was elected to represent Multnomah County in the state legislature in 1866. After moving to Umatilla County he was elected by the voters there to represent them in the 1878 legislature. White died Sept. 1, 1886 in Umatilla County. He is buried in the Weston Cemetery.