Biographical Sketch of Frederick Waymire

Signature of Fredrick Waymire.

Frederick Waymire

Born 1807 
Died 1873 
Polk County delegate

Frederick Waymire was born March 15, 1807 in Montgomery County, Ohio. He was a millwright and a farmer and came to Polk County in 1845 with his wife and children.

Waymire served as sheriff in Polk County in 1846. He served in the territorial legislature in 1852-1853 and 1855-1856. Waymire was part of the Democratic Party machine know as the “Salem Clique.”

He was elected as a delegate from Polk County to the Constitutional Convention. During the convention he served on the Committee on Bill of Rights. Fellow delegate, John Mc Bride, characterized him as having limited formal education “a sort of Far West Davey Crockett.” Waymire spoke often during the convention. He gave early notice that he meant “to fight high taxes, high salaries, and corporations.”

Waymire died on April 28, 1873 and was buried on his donation land claim in Polk County.