Biographical Sketch of Nicholas Shrum

Signature of Nicolas Shrum.

Nicholas Shrum

Born 1803 
Died 1863
Marion County delegate

Nicholas Shrum was born September 15, 1803 in Smith County, Tennessee. He married Delilah Fine July 19, 1820 in Montgomery County, Missouri. They came to Oregon in 1846 with their nine children. Shortly after their arrival Shrum claimed a section of land through the provisional government. With the passage of the Donation Land Act, he and Delilah filed a 640-acre claim along the Pudding River. In addition to farming Shrum worked as a blacksmith.

A Democrat, he was elected as a delegate from Marion County to the constitutional convention and served on the Committee on Bill of Rights.

Shrum died in Marion County on Oct. 4, 1863 and was buried in Stipp Cemetery near Howell Prairie.