Biographical Sketch of Levi Scott

Drawing of Levi Scott

Levi Scott 

Born 1797 
Died 1890 
Umpqua County delegate

Levi Scott was born Feb. 8, 1797 in Monroe County, Illinois. In 1844 he moved to Oregon, first settling near Dallas in Polk County. In 1846 he helped lay out an important southern route to Oregon which became known as the Applegate Trail. In 1848 he made a claim in Douglas County in an area now known as Scott’s Valley. He served as a Captain during the Cayuse war in 1848.

In 1850 Scott founded the town of Scottsburg on the Umpqua River. Mt. Scott in Crater Lake National Park is also named after him, and though similar in name, a different mountain called Scott Mountain was named after him in Douglas County.

Scott was a member of the territorial legislature from 1852 to 1854.

He was elected as a “free state” delegate to the constitutional convention representing Umpqua County and served on the Committee on Military Affairs. He was absent at the time of the final vote for the constitution.

Scott died April 21, 1890 in Malheur County.