Biographical Sketch of J.H. Reed

Signature of John H. Reed

John H. Reed 

Born 1823 
Died 1884 
Jackson County delegate

John H. Reed was born 1823 in Pennsylvania. He lived in St. Louis, Missouri and practiced law prior to heading west to Oregon in 1855.

Reed was elected to represent Jackson County at the constitutional convention. He served on the Committee on Executive Department and the Committee on Bill of Rights. At one point in the convention an amendment was proposed to limit the amount of time each delegate could speak. Reed rose and gave a “witty, humorous, and sarcastic speech, which made him a favorite of the convention.” He was absent at the time of the final vote on the constitution.

In the 1860s, Reed went to Nevada and was involved in some of the well-known mining cases there. He then returned to Oregon and opened a law practice in Portland. In John McBride’s published recollections of the convention he described Reed as “a great joker, he was inclined to the convivial side of things, and was so seldom serious that I think his ability was often misrated. He made a useful member of the convention and was a man who once known was never forgotten.”