Biographical Sketch of Paine Page Prim

Signature of Paine Page Prim

Paine Page Prim 

Born 1822 
Died 1899 
Jackson County delegate

Paine Page Prim was born May 2, 1822 in Wilson County, Tennessee. He attended law school at Cumberland University in Lebanon, Tennessee. In 1851 he decided to head west to seek greater opportunities. Upon arrival in Oregon he first settled in Linn County but in 1852 he relocated to Jackson County where he dabbled in mining and set up a law practice.

Prim represented Jackson County in the constitutional convention and was a member of the Committee on Seat of Government and Public Buildings. During the debates he supported an amendment to exclude Chinese from entering the state. “Chinamen were an evil in the mines, and were growing to be a greater one.” Prim also proposed submitting the constitution to the vote of the people in February rather than November as he felt the people needed more time to “examine and understand” the constitution before voting.

Prim served on the state supreme court from 1859 to 1880, and held the position of chief justice for three terms.

Upon leaving the court in 1880 he returned to private practice in Jacksonville. He was elected a state senator in 1882. Judge Prim died Aug. 7, 1899 in San Francisco, California. He is buried in the Masonic Cemetery in Jacksonville, Oregon.