Biographical Sketch of William Packwood

Signature of William Packwood

William Packwood 

Born 1832 
Died 1917 
Curry County delegate

William Henderson Packwood was born Oct. 23, 1832 near Mt. Vernon, Illinois. He was acquainted with Abraham Lincoln while living in Springfield, Illinois. In 1848 Packwood enlisted in the Army and came west to Fort Vancouver with the U.S. Mounted Rifles. He went to California to look for gold and returned to Oregon in 1851.

Packwood worked as a packer and gold miner for several years. In 1853 he helped to subdue an Indian uprising in Port Orford and later served as a captain of the Coquille Guards during the 1855 Indian War.

Packwood was a Curry County delegate to the constitutional convention and was a member of Committee on Expenses of Convention. He voted against final adoption of the constitution.

He later moved to eastern Oregon where he continued to pursue mining. In 1862 he helped lay out the city of Auburn. During his long residence in Baker County he served as a police judge, a clerk of Baker City and an assistant postmaster. The last surviving member of the convention, he died Sept. 21, 1917.