Biographical Sketch of Henry B. Nichols

Signature of Henry B. Nichols

Henry B. Nichols 

Born 1821 
Died 1907 
Benton County delegate

Henry Brainerd Nichols was born in Lyme, Connecticut Jan. 31, 1821 and attended Wesleyan University. He lived and taught school in Connecticut until 1847 when he went to Muscatine, Iowa to take charge of the seminary there. He married Martha Overman after arriving in Iowa. In 1852, Nichols moved his family to Oregon and settled in Benton County. He and Martha took up a donation land claim where he farmed, raised stock and taught school for 30 years.

Nichols served in both the territorial legislature and the state legislature from 1858-1860. He was elected as a “free state” delegate to the constitutional convention from Benton County. He served on the Committee on Expenses of the Convention.

Henry Nichols died on Oct. 3, 1907 in Benton County.