Biographical Sketch of Charles Meigs

Charles Meigs 

Born 1831 
Died 1883 
Wasco County delegate

Charles Meigs was born in 1831 in Connecticut. He lived in Ohio before coming to Oregon in 1855. He settled in Wasco County and began a law practice in The Dalles.

Meigs was elected to represent Wasco County at the constitutional convention. He was chairman of the Committee on Corporations and Internal Improvements and was a member of the Committee on Boundaries.

As the lone member from east of the Cascades, Meigs proposed to the convention that the eastern boundary of the state be fixed at the summit of the Cascade Mountains. He argued that the region east of the mountains interests differed from those of the western portion of the territory. “It was entirely gratuitous to presume that the interest of the people east of the Cascades would be promoted by being attached to Oregon.” Only one other delegate voted with him on the proposal. Meigs was absent when the final vote for approval of the constitution was taken.

He moved from Oregon to Kansas sometime after 1865. He died in Ottawa, Kansas in 1883.