Biographical Sketch of John McBride

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John McBride 

Born 1832 
Died 1904 
Yamhill County delegate

John McBride was born near St. Louis, Missouri on Aug. 22, 1832. He moved to Oregon in 1846 with his parents, who settled near Lafayette in Yamhill County. In 1852 he married Eunice Adams and three years later he opened a law practice in Lafayette.

McBride served as a delegate of Yamhill County in the constitutional convention and was a member of the Committee on Executive Department. In 1902 he gave a speech recalling details of the convention and making observations on the personalities of many of the participants. McBride was associated with the Republican Party from its inception in Oregon.

He served as a state senator in 1859, and was a member of Congress from 1863 to 1865. In 1865 President Lincoln appointed him to serve as the chief justice of the Idaho Territory. McBride continued to practice law in Boise, Idaho, Salt Lake City, Utah and Spokane, Washington. He died suddenly in Spokane on July 20, 1904.