Biographical Sketch of William Matzger

Signature of William Matzger

William Matzger 

Born 1819 
Died 1883 
Benton County delegate

William Matzger was born in Hanover Germany Aug. 11, 1819. He came to Oregon in 1847. In 1848 Matzger married Abigail Allen. He went to California during the gold rush and returned to Oregon having “gained wealth.”

Matzger and his wife filed for a 640-acre donation land claim along the Mary’s River, just west of Philomath in Benton County. Along with farming he opened a sawmill and flourmill. Matzger became a naturalized citizen in April of 1852.

He was elected as a delegate from Benton County to the constitutional convention. Matzger was a “free state” proponent and served on the Committee for Military Affairs.

In 1862 the family moved to Walla Walla in Washington Territory. Ten years later they relocated to Dayton, Washington.

Matzger died in Los Angeles April 13, 1883 while on a business trip.