Biographical Sketch of Perry B. Marple

Signature of Perry B. Marple

Perry B. Marple 

Born 1819 
Died 1862 
Coos County delegate

Perry B. Marple was born in 1819 in Fredrick County, Virginia. He came to California in 1849 in pursuit of gold. With the discoveries of gold in southern Oregon Marple moved north. In 1853 he and several others formed a company and trekked across the mountains to the coast settling in the area of Coos Bay. He served as a private with the Coos Bay volunteers during the Rogue River War in 1856.

Marple contested the delegate seat for Coos County, which initially had gone to F.G. Lockhart. Eventually he won the issue and was seated by the convention. Years later John McBride recalled “he succeeding in rendering himself so much disliked by his tendency to indulge in discussion in a very loud voice, and with much violence, that there was a general regret that he had been successful.” Marple was against outlawing dueling, saying that it was “an honorable and gentlemanly mode of settling difficulties and that to disenfranchise duelers was to protect the cowardly and low minded.”

He died in Washington Territory in 1862.