Biographical Sketch of Haman Lewis

Portrait of Haman Lewis holding young child on knee

Haman Lewis 

Born 1809 
Died 1889 
Benton County delegate

Haman Lewis was born Jan. 31, 1809 in New York City. He married Mary Moore in September of 1839 in Cole County, Missouri. He and his family came to Oregon in 1845. Lewis and his wife settled a donation land claim of 640 acres in Benton County.

He was elected to represent Benton County at the constitutional convention as a “free state” delegate. He served on the Committee on Seat of Government and Public Buildings. Lewis was absent at the time the vote for final adoption occurred and his signature does not appear on the constitution.

He and his family figured prominently in the history and development of Benton County. Lewis was one of the directors for the first school organized in the county. The town of Lewisburg is named in his honor. He died in Benton County April 17, 1889 and is buried in Locke Cemetery.