Biographical Sketch of Sidney B. Hendershott

Signature of Sidney B. Hendershott

Sidney B. Hendershott 

Born 1832 
Died 1886 
Josephine County delegate

Sidney Breeze Hendershott was born Jan. 8, 1832 in St. Clair County, Illinois. His family later moved to Des Moines County, Iowa. He and a brother, James, came to Oregon in 1853, settling in Josephine County.

Hendershott was chosen as a delegate from Josephine County to the constitutional convention in 1857. During the debates on the location of the seat of government, he proposed an amendment to the provision inserting Jacksonville as capitol. Hendershott served as a member on the Committee on Corporations and Internal Improvements. He opposed adoption of the constitution at the end of the convention.

In 1871 Hendershott moved to Del Norte County, California. He is mentioned in the census of 1880 with his wife Delilah and three daughters and is listed as a lumberman. He died in Crescent City California on Aug. 3, 1886 of an apparent suicide.