Biographical Sketch of Solomon Fitzhugh

Signature of Solomon Fitzhugh

Solomon Fitzhugh 

Born 1804 
Died 1884 
Douglas County delegate

Solomon Fitzhugh was born in Logan County, Kentucky in 1804. He married Polly Miriam Dickey in Lafayette County, Missouri in 1826. Solomon and Polly came to Oregon in 1850 with their six children. They settled first in Washington County and later moved to Douglas County. He made a land claim of 640 acres along the Umpqua River north of Winchester.

Fitzhugh was elected probate judge in 1852. In 1857 he was elected to be a delegate to the constitutional convention from Douglas County. He had a 43 percent margin over the other delegate from Douglas County, Matthew Deady. At the convention, he served on the Committee for the Bill of Rights.

Fitzhugh was a member of the state senate from 1860-1863. He was one of six senators who left Salem during the 1860 session and went into hiding in an attempt to prevent the election of U.S. senators. He died in Curry County.