Biographical Sketch of William H. Farrar

Signature of William H. Farrar

William H. Farrar 

Born 1826 
Died 1873 
Multnomah County delegate

William Humphrey Farrar was born in 1826 in New Hampshire. He studied law and became an attorney. In 1853 he was appointed as the territorial district attorney for Oregon. Farrar was described as a “man of fine education and a brilliant lawyer… but he seemed to live a wasted life.” Although he was a Democrat he was alienated from the ruling Salem Clique. In 1855 he served as adjutant for the Oregon First Volunteers.

In 1857 Farrar was a delegate to the constitutional convention for Multnomah County and served on the Committee on Executive. He voted against approving the constitution.

From 1862 to 1863 Farrar served as mayor of Portland. He later moved to Washington D.C. to practice law. He died on Nov. 2, 1873.