Biographical Sketch of John T. Crooks

Signature of John T. Crooks

John T. Crooks 

Born 1807 
Died 1896 
Linn County delegate

John T. Crooks was born in Loudoun County, Virginia. He married Demercy Everman in Montgomery County, Kentucky in 1833. They came to Oregon in 1848 and made a donation land claim of 640 acres in Linn County.

A life long democrat he wrote a letter to the Oregon Statesman newspaper regarding the Kansas-Nebraska Bill in 1855.

Crooks was elected as a delegate from Linn County to the constitutional convention. He was then elected to be a member of the first state legislature in 1858. Although the legislature did meet, Oregon had not been recognized as a state so they adjourned without having transacted any significant business.

In 1870 he served as the enrolling clerk for the legislature. He lived in Klickitat County Washington from 1887 to 1892, but returned to Linn County where he died in 1896.