Biographical Sketch of Stephen Chadwick

Drawing of Stephen F. Chadwick

Signature of Stephen F. Chadwick

Stephen F. Chadwick 

Born 1825 
Died 1895 
Douglas County delegate

Stephen Fowler Chadwick was born on Dec. 25, 1825 in Middleton, Connecticut. In 1850, he was admitted to the New York City bar. He moved to Oregon in 1851, settled at Scottsburg and practiced law, in addition to being the town’s first postmaster. Chadwick eventually moved to Roseburg and became the first judge of Douglas County.

He was a Douglas County delegate to the constitutional convention and served on the Committee on Legislation and the Committee on Seat of Government.

From 1870 to 1878 Chadwick served as secretary of state. In 1877 when La Fayette Grover resigned as governor to become a U.S. senator, Chadwick became acting governor. He did not resign as secretary of state so served in both positions, signing official documents as both governor and secretary of state. He died in Marion County on Jan. 15, 1895.