Biographical Sketch of Benjamin F. Burch

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Benjamin F. Burch 

Born 1825 
Died 1893 
Polk County delegate

Benjamin Franklin Burch was born on May 2, 1825 in Carlton County, Missouri. In 1845, he came to Oregon, settling in Polk County. He was a teacher in the first school in Polk County and one of the earliest schools in Oregon.

Burch served in the Cayuse and Yakima Indian wars and attained the rank of captain.

He was a delegate to the constitutional convention from Polk County in 1857 and served on the Military Affairs Committee. He served on a select committee with La Fayette Grover and James Kelly to create a design for a state seal.

Burch was elected to serve in the state house of representatives during the 1859 legislative session. Later he served in the state senate from 1867 to 1870. In the 1868 session he was president of the senate. In 1877 Burch was selected superintendent of the state penitentiary. He was appointed receiver of the Oregon City land office in 1887.