Biographical Sketch of Reuben P. Boise

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Reuben P. Boise 

Born Jan. 10, 1818 
Died 1907 
Polk County delegate

Reuben P. Boise was born in Blandford, Massachusetts in 1818. In 1843 he graduated from Williams, and was admitted to the Massachusetts bar in 1847. He practiced law there until 1850.

Boise moved to Oregon in 1850 and practiced law in Portland and Salem. In 1851, Judge Pratt appointed him district attorney, and he was elected to this same position in 1852 by the territorial legislature. In 1854, along with James K. Kelly and D.R. Bigelow, he prepared the first code of Oregon. In 1857 he was appointed justice of the territorial supreme court and continued to serve as judge or justice in various courts until 1892.

During the constitutional convention, he represented Polk County and was on the Committee on Judiciary, the Committee on Legislation, the Committee on Education and School Lands and the Committee on Seat of Government.

Boise was also known for his association with agriculture. He had been raised on a farm and took an active interest in the agricultural development of Oregon and legislation that supported farm interests.