Biographical Sketch of Jesse Applegate

Jesse Applegate drawing

Jesse Applegate 

Born 1811 
Died 1888 
Umpqua County delegate

Jesse Applegate was born on July 5, 1811, in Henry County, Kentucky. He moved to and was schooled in St. Louis, Missouri, where he learned surveying. In 1831 he married and took up a land claim in St. Clair County, Missouri and farmed, surveyed and kept a country store.

In 1843, Jesse along with his wife and many children and accompanied by two brothers and their families moved to Oregon. He served as member of the legislative committee of the provisional government in 1845. In 1846 he was involved in establishing an important southern route to Oregon, which was later known as the Applegate Trail.

He represented Umpqua County at the constitutional convention but withdrew when a resolution he proposed prohibiting the discussion of slavery was not adopted. “I have no doubt there is honesty and talent enough in this body to frame a constitution that will be approved by the people of Oregon without my assistance.”

He served for a number of years both as justice of the peace and as postmaster of Yoncalla. In 1856, he acted as a guide for Major Kearney in a campaign against the Rogue River Indians. He died on April 22, 1888.