Mary Ann "Amanda" Mathews

Mary Ann “Amanda” Mathews (1828–1905)

Mary Ann “Amanda” Mathews was born in April, 1828 in Montgomery County, North Carolina. She appears in United States Census records from 1850 to 1900, and her race is consistently listed as “mulatto”. However, in the 1900 census, she is listed as white and her death certificate lists her race as white as well.

"Amanda" married Charles Griffith in Jackson County on March 30, 1858. A daughter, Susan, may have been the offspring of a previous relationship because in the 1870 census, Susan is listed in the Griffith household as a “half-sibling,” but her death certificate lists Charles Griffith as her father.

Photo of Susan Caroline Griffith.
Susan Caroline Griffith

Their children were:

  1. Susan Caroline Griffith (1856-1929); married Marvin S. Wood and second husband, John E. Hart
  2. Etha Sarah M. Griffith (1866–1895)
  3. Orlando Griffith (1870–1958).

Mary Ann “Amanda” Matthews Griffith died on March 3, 1905, in Jackson County, Oregon.

Photo of mary Ann Mathews
Mary Ann "Amanda" Mathews