America Waldo Bogle and Richard Arthur Bogle

Richard Bogle sits in a wicker chair with his wife, America standing to his right.
America and Richard Bogle
America Waldo Bogle (1844–1903)
Richard Arthur Bogle (1835–1904)

America Waldo was born in Missouri in 1844. Her parentage was most likely a slave mother and one of the Waldo brothers who were businessmen and slave owners in Missouri. America came to the Oregon Territory on one of the early wagon trains. Upon arrival she lived with the family of Daniel Waldo who staked his claim east of Salem, in what is now known as Waldo Hills.
On January 1, 1863, America married Jamaican immigrant Richard Bogle, a successful barber in Salem. Soon after they wed, they moved to Walla Walla in the Washington Territory. Richard opened a well-respected barbershop on Main Street. The Bogles also became successful and wealthy as ranchers. Richard was one of the founders of the Walla Walla Building and Loan Association.

They lived in Walla Walla until their deaths, America in 1903 and Richard in 1904. Of their eight children, five lived into adulthood. Two of their three sons followed in their father’s footsteps and became professional barbers in Portland.

Richard and his wife, America sit in chairs surrounded by their 5 children who are standing.

A family portrait circa 1884 of Richard and America Bogle and five of their surviving children: Arthur, Belle, Warren, Kate and Waldo. (Benton County Historical Archives)

This is to certify that the undersigned, a minister of the Gospel, did, in the City of Salem, on the first day of Jan 1863 unite in lawful wedlock Richard Bogle of Walla Walla W.T.and America Waldo of the City of Salem

The 1863 marriage record of America and Richard Bogle. Enlarge image