Resources for Repositories

Planning and Training​ for Better Stewardship

Historical records are important, not only to individuals, but to society as well. Cultivating able stewards to care for these records is part of the core mission of the State Historical Records Advisory Board (SHRAB). Because organizations can always benefit from additional planning and training, the board developed a guide that includes a self-assessment tool:

Preferred Practices for Historical Repositories: A Resource Manual and Self-Assessment (PDF)

The self-assessment form following each description of preferred practice is designed to assist governing boards, directors and staff members of historical repositories with strengthening their organization and its work in preserving Oregon’s documentary heritage.

Completing the self-assessment will help leaders, staff and volunteers in your organization to highlight strengths and identify areas that need additional attention and development.  With this knowledge, your repository can establish reasonable goals for improvement and develop short- and long-range plans. Identification of needs is also the first step in seeking assistance with training or funding.​​​​​

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