Records Management Guidance

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Records Management Basics​​

​Records management is an important aspect of our work in the public sector to continue to offer transparency and access to our records. To understand the basics in our public records laws and other best practices, view the resources below.​​​ ​​

Introduction to Public Records Law: Records Management 101​​

Oregon Public Records Law Citations​

Scanning Decision Tree Infographic ​

Social Media Guidance Inf​ographic ​​

Social Media Retentio​n Guidance​​​​​

Records Officer Resources

​A Records Officer (RO) coordinates the retention and timely disposition of public records within a government entity and acts as the entity’s primary liaison with the State Archives. All state agencies are required to designate a records officer per ORS 192.105(2)(a), but all public entities, regardless of size, should designate someone to perform the function. 

Here are resources that agency Records Officers may find useful:​

Naming an Agency Records Officer ​

Records Inventory Guide ​

Records Inventory Template ​​​

Special Schedule Update Guide

Model Public Records Policy​ [Download under Related Materials]

Public Records Access

Public records access is controlled by the Oregon Department of Justice and exemptions dictated by the Oregon Legislature. Direct questions about public records law to your agency’s legal counsel, the Department of Justice, or the Oregon Public Records Advocate.

Oregon Department of Justice Public Records and Meeting Manual​

Oregon Department of Justice Public Records Exemptions​​

Oregon Public Records Advocate​