"I Found It in the Archives"

​​​Archives Month - October 2015

Funded by a grant from the National Historical Publications & Records Commission​

Intriguing stories abound i​n the records housed in the Oregon State Archives. The exhibit "I Found It in the Archives​" highlights some of the records unearthed by researchers, volunteers and staff that illustrate the more unique records.

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​​​​ Letters from pionneering forestry educator Letters from pioneering forestry educator, Carl A. Schenck​ (PDF)

 "Schenck is best known as the forester of George W. Vanderbilt's Biltmore Estate and founder of the Biltmore Forest School..." Read more >​
​​​​ Papers show delayed birth records Delayed Birth Records (PDF)

"Oregon did not require birth certificates before 1903, so if someone was born before that date and wanted a record of birth, they could apply for a 'Delayed Birth Certificate'..." Read more >

"Documents from the Attorney General's Correspondence at the Oregon State Archives provide a window into the challenges of implementing votes for women..." Read more >​

"Most historians know Flora Foreman as a teacher who opposed the First World War and who served four years in a Texas prison..." Read more >​

"The single most chilling and most unforgettable artifact that I have ever found in any archives is a candy tin..." Read more >

"I became aware of the 3500 unclaimed cremated remains at the Oregon State Hospital that were discovered in a storage shed in 2004..." Read more >

​​​​ Mug shots of Oregon convicts in the past Famous mug shots (PDF)

"One of the more interesting groups of records in the State Archives are inmate case files..." Read more >​

​​​​ Papers show 1918-19 flu pandemic 1918-19 influenza pandemic​ (PDF)

"The Influenza Pandemic was estimated to have affected one-fifth of the world's population..." Read more >

"Mule 'freight trains' like the one pictured here, generally used 10 to 20 mules depending on the weight..." Read more >​

"Daniel Norman Williams was the first person to be convicted of murder without having a body as evidence..." Read more >

​​​​ Papers show state highway commission hearings Access to Oregon Beaches (PDF)

"The records of the State Highway Commission's hearings to determine whether or  not to ban motor vehicles from Oregon beaches..." Read more >

​​​​ Papers show Benton County Holy Rollers Benton County Holy Rollers (PDF)

"...the group became known locally as the 'Holy Rollers,' based on their practice of rolling around on the floor or ground for extended periods of time during prayer." Read more >​

"Volunteers work on an assortment of projects that help make possible many of the services offered by the Archives..." Read more >​

"...in May 2014, the State Archives welcomed Kelsay Grammer as he visited and researched ancestors that came to Oregon..." Read more >

"Actor, Tony Goldwyn was surprised to find that his grandmother on his maternal line was born in Oregon." Read more >​

"The D'Autremont brothers rose to notoriety after they murdered four men in their attempted train robbery..." Read more >​

"While processing the Gilliam County Naturalization records I came across the Declaration of Intent for John Trevett which recorded that he arrived in the United States aboard the Titanic." Read more >

"...on March 19, 1919 George Chenoweth entered a dancehall and shot George Sydam several times." Read more >

"In May of 1855 Rhoda was indicted and pleaded guilty to the charge of polygamy." Read more >​
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​Oregon State Archives​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Engraving outside State archives reads, "Within are recorded the common words of the uncommon people of the state of Oregon"
This engraving greets visitors to the Oregon State Archives Building​: "Within are recorded the common words of the uncommon people of the State of Oregon"

Equal Suffrage Proclamation​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Governor Oswald West​ asked Abigail Scott Duniway​ to create this handwritten copy of Oregon's Equal Suffrage Proclamation for his signature.
Proclamation transcript​ (txt)