About the State Historical Records Advisory Board (SHRAB)

SHRAB Mission and Goals

The State Historical Records Advisory Board promotes and supports the identification of, preservation of, and access to all historical records in Oregon.

The board's goals:

Support the governor's mission of Oregon state service to preserve and enhance the quality of life for all citizens. The values of focusing on the customer, fostering collaboration, maintaining excellence, respecting teammates, innovating, and appreciating diversity are emphasized. Board members follow in a long tradition of citizen participation in government.

Promote and publicize the National Historical Publications & Records Commission (NHPRC) grant program, while encouraging participation. Carry out SHRAB's mission as defined in federal regulation to serve as the "central advisory body for historical records planning and for Commission-funded projects developed and carried out within the State...as a coordinating body to facilitate cooperation among historical records repositories and other information agencies within the state, and as a state-level review body for grant proposals as defined in the Commission's guidelines." 

Perform studies and surveys, and create reports, to assess and define the conditions and needs of our state's historical records. Seek funding from the NHPRC to perform these activities.

Review proposed legislation concerning records administration, advise on its applicability and potential effects, and recommend legislation when appropriate. Endorse or oppose pending legislation as warranted, and submit legislation when appropriate.

Promote archival awareness​ and cooperation in Oregon by offering educational programs and sponsoring conferences, and by cooperating with affiliated agencies. Establish communication with associations and organizations having records management and/or archives interests, defining areas of mutual interest to support systematic collection of Oregon historical records and preclude duplication of effort. Seek funding from the NHPRC to assist with these activities.

A History of Preserving Oregon's Heritage

In 1934, Congress created the National Historical Publications & Records Commission (NHPRC). Its mission is to provide grants for the identification, preservation and use of public and private papers and records that further an understanding and appreciation of local, state and national history.

To receive federal grants under the records program, states were required to establish state historical records advisory boards. NHPRC makes grants to help develop and sustain active state boards that can provide leadership to ensure the preservation of their state's documentary heritage.​

The Oregon State Historical Records Advisory Board was established pursuant to Public Law 90-620 as amended by Public Law 93-536 (1974), which created the NHPRC. The governor appoints a minimum of seven members to three-year terms. NHPRC guidelines require that the majority of the members have experience in the administration of historical records or in a field of research that makes extensive use of such records. The board does not receive state funding. All funding comes from NHPRC in administrative support grants coupled with cost-sharing by the Oregon State ​Archives.​​​​​​​

SHRAB Members

Mary Beth Herkert, State Archivist and SHRAB Coordinator, Oregon State Archives.

MaryKay Dahlgreen, State Librarian, Oregon State Library.

Kyle Jansson, Oregon Heritage Commission Coordinator, Oregon Parks and Recreation Department.

Sandra King, City Recorder, City of Wilsonville

Mary McRobinson, University Archivist, Willamette University.

Geoff Wexler, Library Director, Oregon Historical Society.