Protect Our Democracy Agenda

​​​​​Secretary of State Shemia Fagan Announces the Protect Our Democracy Agenda

The 2022 Legislative Session comes amid a sustained attack on our most basic political right — the right to vote. The Protect Our Democracy Agenda will ensure that Oregon continue​s to lead on voting rights, moves forward with modernization of an elections system that centers efficiency and transparency, and that we play our part in the fight against anti-democratic attacks on our nation’s elections.

Take Action: 

The Protect Our Democracy Agenda

Protect the people who protect our democracy (HB 4144). We need to establish penalties for the harassment of elections workers and exempt their private information, such as home address, from public records. Read the bill, follow for updates or find opportunities to testify​.​​

Modernize Oregon’s voter registration and election management system. Modernizing our decades old voter registration database system will help protect the integrity of our elections. Oregon Votes is a new, modern system for voter registration and election management, that will increase communication with voters, increase efficiency and uniformity across the state, and improve adherence to leading federal standards. Learn more about the project​

Begin to right-size our elections administration. During the busiest elections season in history the Oregon Elections Division has operated without adequate staff, relying on overtime and other measures to meet the needs of the public. It’s time to begin to right-size our staff. 

Apply necessary technical fixes for clarity in elections laws (SB 1527). The Elections Division has identified needed technical fixes to several laws. Read the bill, follow for updates or find opportunities to testify.

Secretary Fagan also endorses HB 4133, which will remove barriers to online voter registration for people without a driver’s license and HB 4147, which will restore voting rights to Oregonians — disproportionately Black and other people of color — disenfranchised because of incarceration.