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Instead of registering to vote or updating your information online you can complete a Voter Registration form and return it to your county elections office​​​. The form is availabe in:
Automatic voter registration is available if you are eligible to register to vote and you apply for your original, renewal, or replacement license, permit, or ID card at the DMV.

Once you engage the Oregon Motor Voter process by visiting the DMV, you will receive a card and a pre-paid postage return envelope from the Oregon State Elections Office.

With this card, you have three options:
  • ​​Do nothing. You will be registered to vote as a nonaffiliated voter (not a member of a political party).
  • Choose a political party by returning the card. Joining a political party will allow you to vote in its primary elections.
  • Use the card to opt-out and decline to register to vote.
Once registered, you will automatically receive a ballot and instructions in the mail about two weeks before an election. When you vote, your ballot is secret and your choices cannot be matched up with your name. For more information, see the Oregon Motor Voter FAQ >​
Changes made online to voter registration information take 2-3 days to process and will not show up immediately on your online record.

Military and Overseas Voters

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Vote during military service or from overseas.
Learn how to vote during military service or from overseas

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