Oregon Motor Voter is Here!

On Jan. 1, 2016 Oregon’s new voter registration law, Oregon Motor Voter, took effect.

This law was created by House Bill 2177​, passed by the Legislature in the 2015 Session and signed into law by Governor Kate Brown.

The program modernizes voter registration in Oregon and provides a secure, simple, and convenient way for more Oregonians to become registered voters.

How it Works

Automatic voter registration is available if you are eligible* to register to vote and you apply for your original, renewal, or replacement license, permit, or ID card at the DMV.

Once you engage the Oregon Motor Voter process by visiting the DMV, you will receive a card and a pre-paid postage return envelope from the Oregon State Elections Office.

With this card, you have three options:
  • Do nothing. You will be registered to vote as a nonaffiliated voter (not a member of a political party).
  • Choose a political party by returning the card. Joining a political party will allow you to vote in its primary elections.
  • Use the card to opt-out and decline to register to vote.
Once registered, you will automatically receive a ballot and instructions in the mail about two weeks before an election. When you vote, your ballot is secret and your choices cannot be matched up with your name.

That’s it!

Things You Should Know

Oregon is the first state in the nation to implement automatic voter registration. This pioneering new program builds on Ore​gon’s leadership at expanding access to voting. For more information, see the Oregon Motor Voter FAQs page​.

*To register to vote in Oregon you must be an Oregon resident, a U.S. citizen, and at least 17 years old.

​Looking for Oregon Motor Voter Data?

Results from the Oregon Motor Voter implementation are available in Election Statistics.


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​​Are You Registered?

First Time Voter?

Whether you are new to voting, new to Oregon, or both:


OMV Phase II Projections by county
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