Campaign Finance Violations

The Secretary of State processes late and insufficient contribution and expenditure violation cases for all Oregon candidates and political committees, including local candidates and local political committees.

Types of V​iolation

Through 2006 there were three types of violations:

  • Late contribution and expenditure report.
  • Insufficient contribution and expenditure report.
  • New transaction not included on the original contribution and expenditure report.

Steps in Processing Cases

  1. Each violation case begins with a proposed penalty notice that's sent to the committee proposing the appropriate civil penalty for the violation.
  2. The committee then has an opportunity to request a hearing.
  3. After a hearing is held, or if no hearing is requested, a final order is issued assessing a civil penalty, if appropriate.

Penalties for Vi​​olations

Oregon statute provides for a maxi​​​mum penalty of $10,000 for each violation. As part of the Campaign Finance Manual, the Secretary of State has adopted penalty matrices for calculating penalties:

  • Late filings
  • Late filings of contributions received during legislative session
  • Insufficient filings

Payments for Violations

The Secretary of State must process all violation cases, but proposed penalties that are less than $50 are not assessed.

  • For candidate committees, the candidate and the treasurer are jointly responsible for penalties imposed.
  • For political action committees, the treasurer is personally responsible for penalties imposed.
  • Penalties can be paid from any source.

Contributi​on and Expenditure Violation Cases

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For information regarding older cases, contact the Elections Division.​​​​​​​