Search for Committees

Search for Committe​​e By Election Year

Searching by election year is just one way to find a committee. By using the drop-down menus for each field, you can narro​w your search for any type of committee.

Search for Com​​mittee By Measure/Petition

By using the measure or petition number you can find committees that have indicated they are associated to that specific num​ber. You will need to select the year the measure or petition is going to be on the ballot before you can search by the measure or petition number.

Search for a Comm​ittee By Name

You can search a committee by its name or a portion of the name in the Committee Name field. You can also use the name fields and indicate if the name is the candidate, treasurer, petitioner or director.​

​​No Search Results?

If your search doesn't yield results, a committee may not have submitt​ed the required information to the Oregon Elections Division.

A candidate running for a federal position (U.S. senator or U.S. representative) files committee and campaign finance activity with the Federal Elections Commis​sion. You can find this information at or by calling toll-free 800-424-9530.