Independent Expenditures

Accountability and Standards

Anyone who makes independent expenditures of more than $750 in a calendar year to support or oppose any candidate or ballot measure must register as an Independent Expenditure Filer. Payments must be disclosed using ORESTAR, the Oregon Elections System for Tracking and Reporting.

Filing deadlines are strict. Penalties may be imposed for the late filing of independent expenditure disclosures. 

Refer to the Campaign Finance Manual for more information about what must be included when filing in ORESTAR. You may also contact the Elections Division for assistance.


An independent expenditure is an expenditure or account payable that's incurred to make a communication in support of or in opposition to a clearly identified candidate or measure.

The expenditure is not made with the cooperation or prior consent of, or in consultation with, or at the request or suggestion of, a candidate, agent, authorized committee of the candidate, any political committee, or agent of a political committee supporting or opposing a measure.

Words expressing advocacy, such as “vote for” or “defeat,” aren't required to make a communication a reportable expenditure. The standard is whether the communication:

  • Clearly identifies the candidate or measure;

  • Taken in its context, clearly and unambiguously urges the election of or defeat of the candidate, or passage of or defeat of the ballot measure;

  • Seeks action rather than simply conveying information;


  •  Is clear about what action the communication advocates.


These would be considered independent expenditures:

  •  A person independently paying for an argument in a voters’ pamphlet.

  •  A person independently purchasing a newspaper ad, poster or other political material supporting or opposing a candidate or ballot measure.

These would not be considered independent expenditure :

  •  A contribution made directly to a committee and reported by the committee.

  •  An expenditure reported as an in-kind contribution by a committee.

Forms on File

Before Jan. 1, 2014, independent expenditures were disclosed by filing the paper form PC 10, Statement of Independent Expenditures.

Statement of In​dependent Expenditures (PC10) Forms Filed 2010-2013

Forms are listed by the week in which they were filed. If a week isn't listed, it means no forms were received. 

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