Form a Political Action Committee

Filing a New Political Action or Petition Committee

To form a Political Action Committee (PAC), at least two individuals or a person other than an individual – person includes but is not limited to corporations, clubs and associations – receives a contribution or makes an expenditure for the purpose of supporting candidate(s), measure(s) or a political party.

If the intent of forming the PAC is to support or oppose a ballot measure, the PAC cannot be filed until either the petition qualifies to the ballot or the notice of measure election is filed with the county.

A petition committee is required to be filed by the chief petitioner(s) of an initiative, referendum or recall during the signature gathering phase.

How to File

File a new PAC or petition committee electronically through ORESTAR​, the Oregon Elections System for Tracking and Reporting, or by submitting paper forms.

The Campaign Finance Manual (PDF) explains how to file a committee by completing the paper forms and the campaign finance reporting requirements for PAC's and petition committees.

The ORESTAR Statement of Organization (PDF) manual provides instructions on how to set up a PAC or petition committee electronically using ORESTAR.

SEL221: Statement of Organization for Political Action Committee
SEL222: Statement of Organization for Petition Committee
SEL​223: Campaign Account Information
​​​​​​​​​​Oregon Political Tax Credit​​​​​​​​​​​

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