UCC Debtor Look-ups

While UCC Search is Offline

To help businesses looking for images of UCC filings, we have posted a list of UCC debtors with links to images. The list includes filings with a lapse date later than 02/12/2013. Some images of older filings may not appear in these records.

You will need to use Internet Explorer to access information.

Instructions for Using UCC Look-up

  1. Launch Internet Explorer.
  2. Go to the UCC Debtor Look-up list on data.oregon.gov.
  3. Enter the debtor name in the search field, located on the upper right, and press Enter.
  4. Search results appear. Scroll to the right and choose the image link.
  5. Choose the download icon (look for paper with magnifying glass) to view the form.

Important Note

Review of these records does not constitute a certified Article 9 search and should not be substituted for a formal search of our records.

UCC Debtor Look-up List

If you have any questions using this list, please let us know.