Solicitation on "Annual Minutes" Misleads Oregon Businesses

​Mailing Offers Unneeded Service for $125 Fee

February 2014 - Once again, businesses have reported receiving a solicitation entitled "2014 - Annual Minutes Form." The form lists a return address of Annual Business Services 4676 Commercial St. SE #437, Salem, OR 97302.  The form is being mistaken for correspondence from the State of Oregon.  Annual Business Services has agreed to stop these solicitations to Oregon businesses and return any checks to the customer.

December 2013 - Businesses across Oregon have reported being misled by a solicitation that looks like an official government invoice entitled, "Corporate Records Service – Annual Records Requirement Statement." The mailing requests detailed information about the business and a $125 preparation fee to file an Annual Records Solicitation Form.

Although the company offering this “service” is located in another state, the solicitation ​lists a return ​​address of 3760 Market Street NE, #104, Salem, OR 97301. The Salem address has contributed to the mistaken belief that the mailing is an official correspondence from the state of Oregon.

Despite its appearance, the Annual Records Solicitation Form (PDF) solicitation was not sent by the Secretary of State Corporation Division. It is neither authorized nor sanctioned in any way by the state of Oregon.

Official business correspondence from the Secretary of State Corporation Division always contains these elements:

  1. An image of the Oregon seal.
  2. The words “Secretary of State Corporation Division."
  3. Our phone number: 503-986-2200.

Corporations registered to do business in Oregon are required to maintain records and hold annual meetings of shareholders. However, they are not required to file them with the Secretary of State Corporation Division. Visit our Annual Shareholders Meetings and Corporate Records page for more information on meeting and record requirements for Oregon corporations.

We urge Oregon businesses to read solicitations carefully to determine whether they are actually from a government agency and require a response. At first glance some questionable solicitations from private organizations are difficult to distinguish from government correspondence. Only a close reading reveals a disclaimer noting that the organization is not government-affiliated.

We also urge businesses to avoid paying a fee for a service that isn't required.​​


Attorneys for The Mandatory Poster Agency Inc - the company behind this mailing - have contacted the state of Oregon to maintain the solicitation is a legitimate service. The Oregon Department of Justice continues to take complaints from businesses. The Corporation Division maintains its warning that bus​​inesses should read the solicitation carefully to avoid being misled. 

The attorney’s letter (PDF) states that customers who ar​e dissatisfied with the service are guaranteed a full refund upon request. To request a refund, send your written request to: 

The Mandatory Poster Agency Inc
dba Corporate Records Service
6323 W Saginaw Hwy Ste E
Lansing, MI 48917

If The Mandatory Poster Agency, dba Corporate Records Service, fails to issue a refund as requested, please contact the Oregon Department of Justice, Financial Fraud and Consumer Protection Section at 877-877-9392.