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​​​Electronic Filing Instructions

We encourage all municipalities and accounting firms to file reports electronically in PDF. This saves time and reduces errors.

Note: Download and save the report to your computer before completing. This will allow revenues and expenditures to properly total. Then submit your completed report to the email below.

Email reports to:


Include the name of the municipality in the subject line.

If filing a PDF isn't an option, you can submit a paper copy or a CD.

Mail with a cover letter to:

Secretary of State
Business Services Division
255 Capitol Street NE, Suite 180
Salem, OR 97310

Local Financial Reports

​​Local financial reports are submitted annually to the Secretary of State Audits Division for our review. This practice helps ensure local governments are provided consistent, professional accounting services from their contracted Certified Public Accountants.

The division’s oversight role is mandated by statute (ORS 297.405 - .555 and 297.9​90​​) and covers approximately 1,800 municipalities in Oregon.​