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About half a dozen men on wooden shelfs stand with nets out over the falls.
Indians dip netting salmon at Celilo Falls (1326). Enlarge image.

About the Text

Oregon State Board of Control. Oregon: End of the Trail. Portland, Oregon: Binfords & Mort, 1940.

The 1940 tour you just experienced represents only a taste of the many tours described in Part III of Oregon, End of the Trail entitled "All Over Oregon." A total of ten tours crisscross the backroads of Oregon weaving a tapestry of history, geography, culture, economy, and legend.

These tours are enhanced by a reading of Part I entitled "Past and Present." 1940 vintage descriptions of the natural settings, history, agriculture, commerce, architecture, tall tales and legends, and literature of Oregon highlight the offerings of Part I.

Part II, entitled "Cities and Towns," brings further depth to the tours. This includes city maps, points of interest, and a wealth of facts about life in the towns and cities circa 1940. For example, it would cost you a quarter to golf nine holes in Eugene and it would cost seven cents to get to the golf course on a city bus.

We hope this book and web tour across Oregon enhances your appreciation of Oregon history. Contact us for information on accessing our extensive holdings of state agency, local government, and legislative records and photographs. Or browse the Oregon State Archives website for more information.

About the Images

The original Highway Department photograph identification numbers are in parentheses () after each image description. These are just some of the thousands of tourism photographs and negatives dating from the mid-1930s to about 1980 in the Oregon State Archives holdings. Additional images are from sources such as the holdings from the Oregon Department of Agriculture and the Oregon State Library. Copies original photographs or negatives are available. Contact us for more information.

For color photographs of many of the areas shown in this tour across Oregon, visit the following pages:

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These websites may be useful in exploring the route covered in this exhibit. They are listed in genearl tour route order.

Historical Travel Photographs (Oregon State Archives) 

We hope you enjoyed your journey across Oregon. Visit the companion tour: A 1940 Oregon Coast Tour. It uses the same sources for text and images, but follows a path down the beautiful Oregon Coast from Astoria to the California border.