Records Eligible for Transfer

  • Only Oregon state and local government records that are scheduled as "permanent" in a valid records retention schedule are eligible for transfer to the Oregon State Archives. The Archives reserves the right to decline the transfer of certain records that have permanent retention periods.
  • State agency records with shorter retention periods may be eligible for storage in the State Records Center​.
  • State and local government security copy microfilm should be transferred to the Security Copy Depository.
  • Start by locating the records retention schedule for your agency. Your agency records officer should have a copy. Many state agency records retention schedules are also available in the agency information section of the Oregon Blue Book. Local government officials can consult the applicable local government records retention schedule​.
  • Find the records description within the schedule that most closely matches the records under consideration for transfer to the Oregon State Archives.
  • If you cannot identify an appropriate records description and retention period, contact your agency records officer or the Records Management Unit of the Oregon State Archives by dialing 503-373-0701, option 3 for assistance in interpreting the schedule.
  • If you identify an appropriate records description and the retention period is permanent, contact Layne Sawyer (503-378-5198) of the Reference Unit to request authorization to transfer the records to the Oregon State Archives.
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These 1901 Oregon Fish Commission minutes have enduring value for researchers. 
Minutes from state agency commissions and boards; county commissions; city councils; and other governing bodies have permanent retention periods and are examples of records eligible for transfer to the Archives.